Praying to a God

Praying to a God that I don't believe in.
And each time I wonder what's the reason, then I know.
All the eyes keep watching, judging, watching, always watching.
When I want nothing more to sit alone in my room they watch.

The eyes are always there I live across the street from the eyes. 
The watching, judging eyes.  They belong to so many. 
The old women, and the young, their husbands who where drunk last night.
The boys and girls, the Deacons, the Teachers, the would be Saints.
Watching and judging the fat little preacher's kid who live across the street. 

They watch him be weird as he's loud and uses those big words.
Why is the PK like that and not a redneck like a good gospel boy.
Why won't he listen I'm an adult after all. Are the words I hear most. 
Perhaps because you're a fucking moron and I couldn't care in the least.
They watch and they judge and they judge and they watch.  
As I grow older and learn how much they really truly fucking suck.

The eyes that are watching think that Daddy should know.
They tell him that I pass notes in church to see what he'll do.
They tell him I cursed once but it's not gossip 'cause its true!
They tell him how I drive at 16, dumb, just like you.
They tell him I need a beating because an old book said you should
Sometime he does it, but he was never really any good.

Years pass by and I live in that house, across from the eyes, just watching and judging
I gain age and I gain knowledge and enter my high school years.
Still a kid and still stupid but more man than my peers.
I see these people called adults all around me.  
They are revered by the teens looked up to and feared.
Are they blind are they stupid? Are they insane can't they see!?
They are just more hypocrite eyes watching and judging so dumb as can be.

Do students who because they are younger than you, 
lose some value? Do you even have a clue?
These same stupid people who presume to be my authority
Teach me my lessons on life and eternity. 
They read from a book so old and decrepit, 
rewritten so many times it had unicorns in it. 

I grow older and move and learn more and more.
I am forced to pray to that God I believe in no more.
I keep the peace in a family so devout 
Hoping and praying my secret isn't found out.
The eyes are still watching, still judging, still watching. 
Daddy stopped listening and I stopped caring. 

Aaron Patterson

~Opening line and title Inspired by the song Breakeven by The Script 

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