Run Fat Boy Run

"Run Fat Boy, Run!" They jeared.
It's recess. Why can't we just play?
Recess should be fun, this isn't fun.
I wanted to play on the swings but teacher say dodgeball.
The ball hit me again, so Fat Boy ran away.
"Run Fat Boy, Run!" He laughed.
What did I do?  Why did he punch me?
My arm was buring my face was bright red.
"What are you gonna do Fat Boy?"
The crowd gathered and cheered so Fat Boy ran away.

Run Fat Boy, Run! I thought to myself.
"Draw a picture of a student." teacher said, and pointed to me.
I sat in the front and they all laughed with such glee.
The pictures shown for all to see what others thought of Fat Boy of me.
When Teacher started laughing to inside of himself Fat Boy ran away.
"Run Fat Boy, Run!" Coach yelled.
It hurts so much but I want to play.
"Keep going Fat Boy! You can't keep up!"
If I run enough will 'Fat Boy' go away?
The others laughed so Fat Boy ran the other way.
Run Fat Boy, Run!  I screamed with my thoughts.
She'll laugh, she'll point, like the others, you know she will.
Fat Boy stood his ground and gave her the note.
She looked with a snear "Is this a joke?"
With my sole destroyed Fat Boy ran away.
"Run Fat Boy, Run!" Brother yelled.
Fat Boy the Freshmen the other the Senior.
Doesn't he know how much I look up?
How much it hurts when it's his words that cut?
With my head hung low and the older boys laughing, Fat Boy ran away.
Run Fat Boy, Run! I though all over again.
She's just like the rest she'll do it to!
She took the note, at 15 still a note how pathetic Fat Boy is, 
Gave me a look I hadn't seen before as she read it.
This beautiful girl with firey red hair, talking to Fat Boy how can this be?
Nervous and scared Fat Boy ran away.
Run Fat Boy, Run! My bones ached with the thoughts.
You must catch her, keep her, hold this copper haired love and never let go.
RUN FASTER FAT BOY!  Work harder Fat Boy!  Be richer Fat Boy!  Her father requires!
I caught her? Really and true? How do I deserve joy? And she to marry... the Fat Boy?
Her love caused Fat Boy to run away once again although this time alone without me in its tow.
Aaron Patterson

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